Learning Fun Things About Tenerife

I have always had a fascination with Spain, ever since I was a young girl and my family went there for a summer holiday. Since that first trip, I had been there numerous times, but I did not move there until I was in my 30s. My husband accepted a work promotion that had us moving to Tenerife, which was perfectly fine with me. Though I had not been there before, I was able to find out a lot about it because of a Tenerife blog I had found online. I was able to look at some really great pictures and find out a lot about the new area that we would be living in.

Another great thing about this blog is that I was able to look at properties that were for sale. Continue reading “Learning Fun Things About Tenerife”

Top Florida Tourist Spots You Will Enjoy

If you’re planning to visit Florida State, you might want to consider searching for the Top Florida Tourist Spots first. You can maximize your stay in the state if you know the top attractions in this state. One of the top attractions in Florida that you should be aware of is the Disney World that is situated near Orlando. Although, Disney World is considered costly as compared to other attractions in Florida. If you want less expensive attractions, you may want to try visiting Busch Gardens, Universal Theme Park or Sea World, instead. For all theme park lovers, you should definitely visit at least one of the aforementioned parks.

However, if you’re not that much of a fan of theme parks, some of the Top Florida Tourist Spots offer a naturalistic outdoor beauty. If you love the beach, Florida offers the best beaches in the whole country, even in the world. Whether you like the crazy beaches of Daytona, Panama or Fort Lauderdale or a more serene beach on Sanibel Island, you are sure to have tons of fun in the beaches in Florida.

Other Top Florida Tourist Spots include the Kennedy Space Center located at Cape Canaveral and the Ringling Museum Art situated in Sarasota. If you’re a sports fan, especially baseball, many cities in Florida are the home to Spring Training for many baseball teams. You may also want to try watching a game in Vero Beach, which is the home of Los Angeles Dodgers, or in Lakeland, where Detroit Tigers resides. Other Spring Training spots in Florida are the Dunedin and Melbourne.

Adventurous individuals will also enjoy Florida with its Everglades National Park, located in Southwest Florida. This wonderful park is considered as one of the Top Florida Tourist Spots and it covers up to one and a half million acres of land. It is also considered as one of the biggest national parks in the country. You will definitely enjoy the abundant water birds, crocodiles and other wildlife creatures in this amazing park. You will truly have fun on this adventurous park, especially if you tour this using a boat or a tram.

Majority of the Top Florida Tourist Spots are family-friendly. However, if you want to get away from your kids for a bit, the South Beach in Miami is a wonderful choice. With its avant-garde like surroundings, this beach is filled with shopping malls, nightclubs and restaurants that you will surely love.

If you’re searching for a wonderful vacation, visit the sunshine state where many Top Florida Tourist Spots are situated.

Discover 5 Exciting Vacation Spots in Sunny Florida

1 The New Salvador Dali Museum
The New and magnificent Dali Museum is a very popular museum for tourist on the West Coast of Florida and welcomes thousands of visitors each year from around the world. Students are admitted without charge annually. The Museum offers educational programs with study guides and web information for our Florida students and teachers. The Museum includes a Museum store full of books from some of the top sellers in the market today. Included are two film series with lectures and concerts yearly. Available also are catalogs for exhibitions. Two film series, lectures and concerts supplement the themes of the exhibitions.
The Salvador Dali Museum is located at 1000 Third Street South in St. Petersburg, Florida. Call 727-823-3767 for hours and more information.
2 Florida Orange Groves Inc & Winery
1500 Pasadena Ave S
South Pasadena, FL 33707-3718
(727) 347-4025
The Florida Orange Groves & Winery is a family owned Florida Farm Winery that had its beginnings in shipping and packing fresh citrus in the early 1970’s in St. Petersburg, Florida. The winery eventually grew to include retail sales of fresh squeezed juice and a gift shop.
The Florida Orange Groves Inc & Winery is licensed as wine manufacturers, wine distributors, and as retailers of unique, culturally significant Florida fine wine and premium wine products. They produce 37 different varieties of wine. These wines are 100% pure tropical fruit wines. It might take nine pounds of fruit to make enough juice for just one bottle of our tropical special wines.
Located in Pinellas County, it is the first and only tropical, berry and citrus winery.
The winery is open for tasting and tours Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Sunday hours are from 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM. Tours are at 11 AM, 1,2, and 3 PM. The winery is closed on all major holidays. Please call the number above for more recent information on the winery.
3 Tampa Florida-The Columbia Restaurant-Ybor City
2117 East 7th Avenue
Tampa, FL 33605-3903
(813) 248-4961
This is the most fantastic restaurant in Ybor City and is located just a few blocks from Tampa, Florida. I have been going to the great eatery ever since I was a young girl. They specialize in Spanish-Cuban food, and the place is a museum of the Old Spanish Flair in Tampa.
Today the guests enjoy many of the same century-old family recipes that have made the Columbia famous like Paella “a la Valencia,” Snapper “Alicante” Pompano en Papillot, Corvina “Russian Style” and Filet Mignon “Columbia”. While there you can tour the old city with it’s quaint old buildings and shops, ride the streetcar and see everything from a front row seat. They used to have streetcars in Tampa when I was a child, but did away with them for many years. They are back now and add so much charm to this quaint city of Ybor.
In addition to award-winning Spanish/Cuban cuisine, Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City features flamenco dance performances nightly, Monday – Saturday. There is no show on Sunday. The Caf offers live jazz Thursday through Saturday
I love the Cuban sandwiches, Cuban coffee, the yellow rice and chicken and of course the Spanish Garbanzo soup (the best in the land). It’s a MUST EXPERIENCE when you visit Tampa, Florida.
4 Anastasia State Park St. Augustine, Florida
A must visit when you plan your next vacation to Florida. We always took our children camping at the park when we wanted to get away for a few days. Located close to the old city, St. Augustine, you will have lots to do and see once you get settled in your campsite. The Atlantic Ocean is close enough from the campground to be able to walk to the beach and has the most beautiful white sandy beach in the world.
Anastasia State Park welcomes visitors from all over the world to enjoy the natural and cultural treasures. At the park you can enjoy camping, nature trails, beach time, water sports, and an archaeological site where coquina rock was mined to create the nearby fortress, Castillo de San Marcos National Monument. Anastasia State Park, located just south of St. Augustine. A visit to the old fort (Castillo de San Marcos National Monument) was always the highlight of our visits to St. Augustine. The children can run wild and pretend they are fighting a real battle with the cannons that are located in the fort.
5 Adventure Island Waterpark–Tampa Bay Florida-Riptide and More
Attraction type: Water park
Activities: Swimming, Dining
Address: 4500 Bougainvillea Avenue
Main entrance on McKinley Avenue Tampa, FL 33612
Tel: 813-987-5600

Adventure Island Waterpark is a must explore experience when you come to Florida. The kids are going to love this place and so are you. It’s just a hop, skip and splash from Busch Gardens. Experience the RIPTIDE, with its four blazing lanes of headfirst thrills for the brave riders.
The WAHOO RUN is the ultimate family raft ride complete with tunnels and waterfalls,
FABIAN’S FUNPORT will be an experience you won’t soon forget with its water wonderland for the little tykes with springs and jets.
SPLASH ATTACK will thrill you with its watery maze that has a 1,000-gallon bucket that empties on guest below.
ENDLESS SURF is the ultimate pool of fun; a 17,000 square-fool poll of fun, with waves up to five feet high. Call the above number to get updated information on this attraction.

Swim with Dolphins on Your Florida Vacation

The dolphin is a species with very high intelligence. Some people think that they are even more intelligent than humans! But let’s leave that debate for the scientists. One thing that is sure is that dolphins enjoy contact with humans and humans enjoy contact with dolphins. While you are in Florida you can either swim or wade with dolphins by taking a special getaway tour to the Florida Keys.

If you are staying in Orlando you can schedule a two day tour that departs from Orlando. If you are a good swimmer and comfortable in water that is over your head then you might want to try the dolphin swim tour organized by Florida Dolphin Tours. They conduct two day tours in which your contact with dolphins is guaranteed.

Here is how it works. It is a two day and one night excursion and transportation to and from the Keys is included in the tour. Pick up is scheduled at some of the big hotels and motels in the greater Orlando area.

Your swim with dolphins will take place either on the first afternoon of the tour or on the next morning. The dolphin swim takes place in an ocean water lagoon that is 15 feet deep. A floatation vest must be worn during the swim, no matter how good a swimmer you are.

The program lasts about two hours and begins with an educational briefing about the general nature of dolphins as well as information about the particular dolphins that you are going to meet.

After the educational briefing two people at a time enter the water along with two trained dolphins and usually the dolphins will greet you with kisses, handshakes, water fights and similar playful behavior.

On the next day you are treated to an Everglades adventure tour in a swift airboat ride that will bring you in close contact with alligators. After the boat ride you will see an alligator and snake handling show. If you are brave you can hold an alligator or some snakes. The tour ends with a visit to Miami’s Bayside shopping center where you can visit fashionable shops and restaurants.

If you are a non-swimmer you can still enjoy an encounter with the friendly dolphins. Florida Dolphin Tours introduced a dolphin wading encounter program during 2009. This program is similar to the deeper water dolphin encounters. Two people enter the water and meet two trained dolphins, who will greet you with a wide range of playful greetings. You will also learn how to make signals to the dolphins which will prompt them to sing and dance! All of this takes place in waist deep water and no swimming is required.